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Luxi Contemporary Comprehensive Logistics Center Project

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Project Name

Luxi Contemporary Comprehensive Logistics Center


Contemporary logistics is not only an important part of the national economy, but also an important foundation for socioeconomic development.

Luxi, the political, economic and cultural center of Dehong prefecture, shoulders logistics conglomeration, radiation and distribution of the prefecture. Due to the special location and the trend of trade of Dehong prefecture, a contemporary logistics center is a prerequisite for Dehong's economic development.

With the commencement of Dali-Reili Railway construction, a contemporary logistics center located in Luxi city fits well into national industrial policies and Yunnan province’s contemporary logistics plan.

Padipian district, Luxi's industrial district and home to the project, is located 5.4 kilometers from Fengping government, 5.7 kilometers linear distance from Mang city airport, 3.5 kilometers from Feihong freight station, Dali-Reili railway and 13 kilometers from downtown Mang city. The center will function as a logistics agent, warehouse, loading and unloading center, transfer station and distribution and logistics information center.

Total Investment

An investment of 150 million yuan will be used on office buildings, warehouses, container yards, railways and supporting infrastructures.

Method of Cooperation

Joint-venture or solely-funded.

Contact Person

Zhao Min

Director of Merchant Bureau, Dehong Prefecture

Cell phone number: 13988257666




Guan Yunbang

Director of Luxi Merchant Bureau

Cell phone number: 13578288817

Telephone: 0692-2139602

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