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2-million-hectare Bamboo Industry in Dehong Prefecture Project

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Project Name

2-million-hectare Bamboo Industry in Dehong Prefecture


Dehong Prefecture has an abundant resource of bamboo. The people here have a long history of utilizing the bamboo and its shoots. The comprehensive utilization and processing of bamboo is a win-win program for the government and the enterprises.

Dehong currently has 610 thousand hectares of various bamboos. Along with the 1.39 million hectares' artificial bamboos, the total amount of hectares will reach 2 million by 2020, of which 1.5 million will be for bamboo paper pulp, 500 thousand bamboo and bamboo shoots. It can yield 3.24 million tons of bamboo pulp, 42 thousand tons of bamboo shoots, 453 thousand tons of bamboo clappers and 80 thousand tons of dried bamboo shoots. A paper pulp production line that can yield 300 thousand tons of bamboo pulp and a paper factory that yields 400 thousand tons of bamboo timbers will also be established.

Total Investment

The total investment reaches 740.904 thousand yuan. 688.184 thousand yuan will be invested in bamboo paper pulp, 52.720 thousand yuan will be invested in bamboo and bamboo shoots. The whole account will be relying on investment. The construction includes a 2 million hectare bamboo factory which can produce 300 thousand tons of paper pulp and 400 thousand tons of PP.

Financial Income

Upon completion of the project, bamboo paper pulp industry will yield an output of 408.990 thousand yuan, bamboo and bamboo shoots industry will yield 308.796 thousand yuan.

Method of Cooperation

Solely-funded, joint-venture, joint operation, or other forms.

Contact Person

Zhao Min

Director of Merchant Bureau, Dehong Prefecture

Cell phone number: 13988257666




Hu Xianguang

Forestry Bureau, Dehong Prefecture

Cell phone number:13908820210


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