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Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market project

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Project Name

Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market


A forest product trade market is a prerequisite for developing the forestry industry. Mangshi city has returned the proprietorship of mountains, forests, and logs to the people, which has aroused people's initiative and enthusiasm to accelerate the circulation of forest products.

The Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market willis scheduled to be situated in Mangshi Logistics Center, near Dali-Ruili Railway Station, which means convenivence of transportation,conveniently located for transportation about 5.4 kilometers from Fengping government, 5.7 kilometers from Mangshi Airport, about 3.5 kilometers from Feihong Freight Station, and about 13 kilometers from downtown Mangshi.

Total Investment RMB 50,000 yuan will be invested on in the Mangshi Forest Products Trade Market, which will consist of a forest product sales center, a logging trade center, an automobile logistics center, a flower and plant center and a health center.

Method of Cooperation

Joint-venture or solely-funded

Contact Person

Zhao Min

Director of Merchant Bureau, Dehong Prefecture

Cell phone number: 13988257666




Guan Yunbang

Director of Luxi Merchant Bureau

Cell phone number: 13578288817

Telephone: 0692-2139602

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