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Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County project

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Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County


In virtue of its geographical position, Dehong has become China's distribution center for raw jade since the early 1990s. In recent years, the Yunnan provincial Party committee and provincial government have paid great attention to the development of the jewelry industry.

Accordingly, Dehong autonomous prefecture Party committee and prefecture government have taken huge efforts in promoting the industry's developments. Dehong's jewelry industry is at the height of unprecedented development.

The key to sustainable development is to guarantee the source of raw jade. The establishment of Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County will break the bottleneck of insufficient raw jade for Dehong's jewelry industry, optimize exporting channels of raw jade, enhance resource integration, and help popularize the jade business in Dehong.

As one of the major projects in the development of Dehong's jewelry industry, the Raw Jade Auction Market in Yingjiang County is an important step in building Dehong as a comprehensive international trade center with integration of product and processing, trade and distribution, research and design, exhibition and auction, travel and shopping, as well as cultural communication. Therefore, this project will play a strategic role in developing Dehong's jewelry industry.

Total investment

The total investment of this project is estimated to be RMB 10 million yuan. The auction market will consist of a bidding section, a raw material section, a processing section, and the final products sales section to provide one-stop services, including raw material bidding, processing, wholesale, and retailing.

Method of Cooperation

Joint-venture or solely-funded

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