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Yunnan striving to be int’l post logistic hub

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Up to now, international logistics revenues of Yunnan Post has ranked 5th in China. Last year, it has exported 1205.35 tons of goods, including 1007.5 tons of exportation to Southeast Asia. Yunnan Post is establishing international logistics control organizations based on the geography advantages.

Yunnan Post, the largest international logistics service organization in the province, has established branches in more than 200 countries. It opens international remittance in Yunnan’s 16 prefectures, and provides services in 190 countries, covering: individual bank saving, account settlement and forex trading.

When the construction of New Kunming Airport’s mail center is completed, air-mails will be transferred by air, car and trains.

Yunnan Post is developing to be an important joint for China Post and becoming logistics distributing center between Yunnan and other provinces.

Goods across China will be transported to Kunming, and then to other countries via ships, cars and trains. Network platform for Yunnan Post of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) will be established, for improving logistics service systems between Yunnan and the ASEAN.

By 2018, a modern international logistics system is expected to be built by Yunnan Post, covering e-business, trading, logistics industry and so on. (Editor:Tina He)

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