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Construction of railway linking Kunming & Rangoon to launch soon

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A High-speed railway connecting Kunming and Rangoon is in the planning and is expected to start construction soon. The line is planed to be 1,920 kilometers long. And the trains will reach the highest speed of 200km/h. In future, passengers will leave Kunming in the morning and arrive in Myanmar at night. With great significances in construction of Pan Asia high-speed railway, the line has been highly concerned.

Among existing railways, including ones under construction and in plans, the environmental conditions for this line are probably the worst. A joint working group has been founded in China, to do geological prospecting and exploration in Myanmar on in November. The construction will be started after the schemes for tunnels being confirmed.

The constructionfunds for the railway will be ensured in stages. Presently, they come from 3 channels: aid from the United Nations Development Programme, aid from China and 2 billion US dollars collected by a Chinese foreign trade expert Li Zhanxiang (李占祥).

Optimistically, trades between China and Myanmar have been developing fast. In Myanmar, some constructions of power and basic facilities have been invested by China. Up to July 31st, investments from China have ranked 1st among all foreign countries. Moreover, Yunnan has played a very important role in cooperation between the two parties. In Yunnan, 4 international railways are being constructed, including Kunmng-Chuxiong-Dali-Baoshan-Ruili- Myanmar, Kunming-Baoshan-Mangshi-Tengchong- Myanmar. Besides, according to Pan Asia high-speed railway plans, a railway between China and Laos is being planed. Pan Asia railways are expected to be completed in 2020. The development of economy in Asia is will be greatly promoted.

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