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China, Laos and Thailand Railway Starts, Yunnan International Transportation System Takes Shape

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  Yunnan provincial government annouced on June 23, 2010 that the middle line of Pan-Asian Railway___ line that connects China, Laos and Thailand has officially started. The construction of Eastern, Western, Northern lines of Trans-Asian Railway are advancing quickly as well. The sections of these four international roads in China have all achieved a high grade level. Thus the international channel that connect Southeast Asia and South Asia is approaching near. China-Laos -Thailand international railway refers to the railway from Kunming to Bangkok. It is the middle line of Pan-Asian Railway which is under construction now. The whole length of the middle line is 1,830 km, of which 710 km is from Kunming to Mohan port in china. And the south section from Kunming to Yuxi has been completed. It has a length of 110 km.According to the plan, the part from Yuxi to Mohan has a length of 600 km. Aiming to be a fast rail line for passenger and goods transportation, inter-city travelling and tourism, this construction is estimated to invest 600 billion yuan. Currently, preliminary work has already started. This year, Yunnan province comprehensively developed "4 exit" lines (ie.east , west, middle, north line) of Pan-Asian Railway. Yuxi-Mengzi part of east line, Mengzi-Hekou railway and Darui railway of west line are now under construction. With the completion of these four railways, the whole railway network of Yunnan, Southeast Asia and South Asia will be completely connected.

  Meanwhile, the construction pace of roads in Yunnan is also accelerating. Up to now, 4 international channels and 5 major inter-province channels have been completed and opened to traffic. The advanced highexpresses effectively connect Kunming city to other cities in Yunnan. The road from Kunming to Vietnam,Burma, Laos, Thailand and other neighbor provinces(Sichuan, Guangxi, Guizhou)were successfully upgraded. Kunming-Bangkok international channel also officially opened in 2008. The length of the international road from Kunming to Hanoi is 664 km; and the time needed is 8 hours. At present, 3 of 9 major roads from Yunnan to Burma have been generally upgraded to highexpress ways.


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