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Yunnan Province Promotes the Construction of International Waterway to Southeast Asia

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  Yunnan Province promotes the construction of international waterways to Southeast Asia. Connecting six coastal countries, the Lancang - Mekong River has now become the "golden waterways". Now the construction of China- Vietnam Honghe waterway and China-Burma Irrawaddy waterway are actively promoted in Yunnan.

  Yunnan has more than 600 rivers in total, most of which are the upstream of the other rivers. Lancang River, Nu River, Red River, Dulong River and Daying River are important upstream of Mekong River, Salween, Red River and the Irrawaddy River in Southeast Asia. In June 2001, China, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand officially started the Lancang - Mekong River navigation. From then on, Chinese government implemented several projects together with Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand to improve the waterway transportation. Thus the Lancang - Mekong River is navigable all year round.


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