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Logistics Center Facing South-East Asia, South Asia to Build in 2012

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  It is the plan of Yunnan province to establish a Regional Logistics center orient to South-East Asia, South Asia and to serve the area of Pan-Pearl River Delta by 2012. Kunming will be the center of this Logistics center.

  To achieve this goal, Kunming will speed up the construction of transportation system. And the construction of highways from Kunming to Hanoi, from Kunming to Bangkok, from Kunming to Yangon, from Kunming to South Asiawill become the main task of transportation system construction since they are the major routes of international channel. With 15 main airports and 5 branch airports in total, Yunnan also quicken its step to enhance its cargo capacity of air transportation. Yunnan aims to turn Kunming International Airport into a large-scale Hub Airport for transportation in China. At the same time, Yunnan also make effort to the construction of waterways. Several water transportation channels have been built. For example, Jinsha River - Yangtze River, You River - Pearl River waterways that connect different provinces have been built; and the land-water transportation system was under construction. They are Lancang - Mekong River waterway, China - Vietnam Red River waterway and China - Burma Irrawaddy waterway. In addition, Yunnan also devote to the perfection of the railway network and the Trans-Asian railway construction, especially the section in Yunnan province. Therefore, the railway transportation in Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar can be eventually connected.

  Aiming to establish 30 multi-functional logistics parks and centers at provincial level, Yunnan province will gradually form a modern logistic pattern of "one circle, three points and five zones". International logistics centers will be built in such national level ports as Jiegao, Hekou, Mengding, Mohan, Tianbao and Shuifu. These logistics centers will integrate transit, exit-entry, processing and trade, goods distribution, international business as a whole to form port logistic zones that based on international trade and regional cooperation.


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