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Ruili keen to build China-Myanmar border trade center

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"We are committing to building Ruili a center of China-Myanmar border trade", said Yang Yueguo, the Party secretary of Ruili city on November 25.

Adjacent to the state-level Muse city of Myanmar, Ruili has been serving as the main passageway of transport between China and Myanmar.

At present, there are two national-level ports (Ruili and Wanding ports) in Ruili. From January to April this year, the import and export value of Ruili city reached $500 million, an increase of 24.7 percent year on year; passenger flow measured 3.34 million visits, an increase of 18.9 percent; traffic volume hit 700,000 times, up 13.43 percent; freight volume measured 597,000 tons, up 26 percent. (Editor: Ryan Li)

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