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The superiority of Zhangfeng Port is apparent more and more

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A Burmese truck is entering China through Zhangfeng Port(Photo Source:Dehong.gov.cn)

Along with the steady improvement of infrastructure, throughput and service quality of Zhangfeng Port has been further improved. Under the background of constructing national main artery that links China and South Asia and Southeast Asia, “Opening Bridgehead and Gold Port in Southwest”, superiorities as low cost, short distance etc. of Zhangfeng Port have attracted more and more companies importing and exporting merchandises through Zhangfeng Port. From January to June this year, total volume of imports and exports of Zhangfeng Port increased by 118.79 percent over the previous year, the volume of trade increased by 13.10 percent over the previous year, and the superiority of Zhangfeng Port has been more apparent.

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