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Dehong to become a bridghead golden port of southwest China

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A strategic cooperation agreement was signed by the Yuntou Investment Group and Dehong prefecture of Yunnan Province on Aug 12 to promote a series of tourism and economic development projects.



The startup projects include comprehensive development of Ruili River tourism, a hot springs resort in Mangshi, an international hospital in Ruili city and a railway logistics garden located between Ruili and Mangshi.

Bao Minghu, board chairman and secretary of the CPC committee of the corporation, inspected several investment projects on behalf of Yuntou Investment Group in the Dehong prefecture. He was accompanied by local officials.

The agreement is the result of thorough inspections and detailed negotiation, officials said, and is expected to bring benefits to both sides. According to the agreement, the two parties will partner in the development of tourism resources, city infrastructure and energy construction.

A state-owned corporation with total assets topping 51 billion yuan, Yuntou Investment Group is a major investor in the country's development of energy, transportation, tourism, finance, medical care and other fields.

The new partnership will pave the way for further development in Dehong prefecture, making Dehong the "bridgehead golden port" of Southwest China, officials said.

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