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Port Construction in Yunnan Boosts Trade between China and ASEAN

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  With a border line of 4,060 km, Yunnan Province has up to now developed 20 ports. There are 13 national A-level ports and 7 national B-level ports. 4 of these ports orient to Vietnam; 1 orients to Laos and 11 orient to Mymmar. After several years' of construction, the inspection facilities and supporting facilities of Yunnan port are gradually improving. 14 inspection buildings , 10 national ports and 10 goods examination centers have been put into use. According to the document of Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce, to promote the construction of clearance facilitation of Yunnan ports and to speed up the trade between China and ASEAN trade zone, China has increased financial and policy support to the ports in Yunnan. From 2009 on, Yunnan will invest no less than 220 million RMB to the ports construction each year and this investment will last for four years.

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