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Yunnan and Neighboring Countries Promotes "Four Easy-accessibility" Project

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  Yunnan Province is actively promoting the construction of ports. To promote the "Four Easy-accessibility" project (Easy-accessibility to road, to electricity, to trade and to clearance), four new ports will be open; they are Hekou Road, Lijiang airport, Mengkang port and Dulong port. And 7 B-level ports will be upgraded as A-level ports. In recent years, 10 of 20 Yunnan ports' plan was approved by related authorities and administration. Such ports as Hekou Port, Daluo Port, Yingjiang Port were included. While the remaining ports are in the process of assessment and preparation. Three new detection buildings in Mohan, Daluo,Hekou has passed the inspection and has been put into use. The goods examination centers in Ruili, Hekou port and the detection buildings in Mengkan, Tianmeng, Pianma are under construction; The goods examination centers and detection buildings in more than 10 ports, such as Mohan, Daluo, Nansan, MengKang, Cangyuan, are in the preparatory stage of construction. In addition, dozens of ports quicken their steps to expand, reform and improve their preparation work.

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