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Ruili Port : The Only Land Port Allows Seedling Importation

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  April 21, 2010, National General Administration for Quality Supervision announced the first list of ports that have the right to import plant seedsings. Among all the ports in Yunnan, only Kunming Wujiaba International Airport and the Ruili Port were included in the list. Thus Ruili port is the only land port that has the right to seedling importation in Yunnan province. According to the news of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Yunnan Province, National General Administration for Quality Supervision has strict regulations and rules as for the import of plant seedlings. To be selected as the port that can import plant seedling, many requirements should be fulfilled. The first requirement is that the port should possess the hardware conditions such as on-site inspection, pest elimination, isolation and quarantine facilities. The second one is the port should have the appropriate means of laboratory testing and technical capacity. A port can be authorized as eligible port by National Administration of Quality Supervision with these indispensable two conditions and after the evaluation and appraisal.
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