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HeKou - LaoJie Sign the Agreement on the Construction of the Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zones

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  The Government of Yunnan Province and the People's Committee of LaoJie Province in Vietnam signed the Agreement on the Construction Framework of the Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zones on June 8, 2010. According to the agreement, the cross-border co-operation area is made up of core areas and expansion areas. The Beishang area of HeKou County and the Jincheng Trading Area in Laojie city of Vietnam will be combined as a 5.35 km core area. This core area will be used for modern logistics, international exhibition, the bonded import and export processing, finance and insurance services, hotel and restaurant industry. Covering a total area of 129.85 km2, the other areas like Beishan area of Hekou county, Honghe - Mengzi industrial area and the port economic area and the Tenglong industrial area in Laojie city of Vietnam serve as expansion areas. This expansion area is planned to be used as the processing center of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, mineral resources and non-ferrous metals and mechanical and electrical products. It will also engage in producing chemical production and fertilizer, etc. It aims to be a processing base for exportation and developed industries.
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