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Yunnan Xin-chu Logistics Co., Ltd. Provides Logistics and Delivery Service

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Yunnan Xin-chu Logistics Co., Ltd. is located in the fifth and the sixth lane of the north yard of the East Railway Station, Kunming. It has two exclusive railway lines. Thus it is possible to load and unload 40 coaches at the same time. It also has a entrepot storage more than 10,000 square meters, more than 30 cargo trucks, 7 sets of various forklifts and more than 180 stevedores.
        Business Scope: railway carload shipment, less-than-carload goods transportation,  container cargo transportation (arrival, dispatch), road freight transportation, warehousing and short and long distance goods delivery, act for business insurance and indemnity, and freight stevedoring.

Department List


Business Scope

Department of Reception

Provincial and Inter-provincial carload shipment, less-than-carload goods transportation, container cargo transit

Department of Shipment

Inter-provincial carload shipment,  less-than-carload goods transportation, container cargo transportation

Department of 

Automobile Freight Transportation

Short and Long Distance Automobile Freight Transportation and Dispatch

General Control Center

Vehicle assignment

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