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Construction of Yunnan Xinchu Logistics and Distribution Center Starts

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  The first modern city logistics and distribution center ___ Yunnan Xinchu Logistics and distribution center was started in Kunming in September 15, 2009. Organically combining trading, transportation, storage, handling, packaging, processing, distribution and logistics financial services as a whole, this establishment of this center is estimated to cost 107 million yuan. It covers over 33,000 square meters and has about 20,000 ware locations. Employing the most advanced bar code, radio frequency technology and automatic logistics sorting system, this logistic center aims to keep a foothold in Kunming, to service Qujing City, Yuxi City, and Chuxiong City, to radiate Yunnan province, and to gradually offer South-East Asia and South Asia with international logistic services. With the completion of this project by the end of 2010, the cost of logistics will be effectively reduced. Meanwhile, it will provide more than 600 jobs to the society and bring an annual revenue of 26 million yuan.

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