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Yunnan Logistics Industry Group Makes Effort to Establish Integrated Logistic

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  As the backbone of all the logistic enterprises in our province, Yunnan Logistics Industry Groups has already planned, approved and started 8 logistics projects. It is estimated that the total investment will exceed 5 billion yuan. The enterprise will speed up the construction of the ASEAN International Logistics Port, Anning International Logistics Park and Xinchu Logistics and Distribution Center. Relying on the convenient Kunming-Hekou corridor, the enterprise pushes foward the construction of Honghe Demonstration Base of Modern Logistics and Hekou Port International Logistics Center. It also speeds up the establishment of Dali International Logistics Park backed by Kunming - Ruili Corridor; In addition, the enterprise also devotes to the establishment of Mohan Port International Logistics Park and other major infrastructure projects which backed by Kunming - Bangkok corridor. In a word, the enterprise intend to build an integrated logistics system that centers Kunming, radiates the whole province, connects the whole country and faces the ASEAN.

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