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International Express Giant Races for Business Opportunities of Highway Logistics in China

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  The highway logistics service of “delivery at the fixed date” released by the international express group TNT is to use the price lower than that of air cargo to realize its fast fiducial point in China. At present, the wholly-invested subsidiary of TNT in China Heaven and Earth Huayu Logistics Group claimed during this time that it has established the first national highway fixed date express delivery network in China to race for the huge business opportunity of highway logistics.

  TNT Group is the global leading supplier of express mail service to offer the omnibearing express and mail service to enterprises and individual clients. Heaven and Earth Huayu Group is the wholly-invested subsidiary acquired by TNT in China. “Delivery in fixed date” is the branch-to-branch and “door-to-door” highway express service by utilizing Heaven and Earth Huayu Group’s existing outlets.


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