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Yunnan Power Grid Corporation and SDIC Huajing Power Holdings Co., Ltd. Sign Agreement on the Hydropower Development Project in Myanmar

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  Wangwen and Hugang, Who are respectively the Vice President of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation and the president of the SDIC Huajing Power Holdings Co., Ltd. had recently signed a cooperation agreement on February 4, 2010. This is a landmark which marks the cooperation between Yunnan Power Grid Corporation and SDIC Huajing Power Holdings Co., Ltd. has entered a new era. It is also means that the investment of these two corporations into the construction of hydropower stations in Nanka River and Nablei River in Myanmar has had substantive development. South River in Myanmar originates from Laba town of Yunnan Lancang, a Lahu Autonomous County in southern China. It runs to Mangxin and southwardly let into the northern part of Myanmar's Shan State. It also let into the Mekong River at the eatern border of Myanmar. South River is a tributary of the Nu River. Originating in Myanmar and flows in the southwest direction, South river has an annually average flow of 224 cubic meters per second for many years. It has an installed capacity of 200 to 240 thousand kilowatts.Up to now, the feasibility study of this project has been completed. And the field investigation of South River station will be started soon.
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