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CDH Investments Injects Fund in Blue Ocean Network

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  On Jul. 8, 2010, CDH Investments, a leading PE institution in China, declared to inject fund in Blue Ocean Network (BON). This is the second time for CDH Investments to make investment in media industry since it invested in Air Media and helped the firm to go public later.

  Wang Shu, partner of CDH Investments, led this round of investment and took a seat in the board of BON after the deal. What worth mentioning is that Wang is also the earliest venture capitalist of Tencent.

  It's introduced that BON is a non-governmental, commercial and English-language TV media aiming at Western mainstream society. It spreads Chinese affairs and culture to the West in a fashion accustomed to the West. BON adopts cable TV channel, satellite TV channel and network TV in broadcasting.

  BON firstly broadcasted in New York in Sep. 2009, then the coverage expanded to other US cities gradually and finally a broadcasting network covering the whole US was formed. After growing mature in the United States, its coverage gradually extended to other countries and regions and the company wants to develop into an international media covering the whole globe. Currently, the coverage of BON includes North America, Canada, Mexico and Cuba in Central America and the programs of the company can be seen in such states and cities as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Hawaii and Boston.


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