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Datang Telecom planning PE fund

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  An employee using a radio tag scanner to find information about a toy sheep at an IT exhibition in Beijing. [NAN SHAN / FOR CHINA DAILY]

  The IOT concept has its origins in 1999 when a research center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the technology for identifying items in the supply chain of companies. Many have since hoped that the technology could be widely used in daily life, such as connecting refrigerators online so that when you run out of milk, it would order milk online, debit the bill to your bank account and arrange home delivery automatically.

  Last year, the Standardization Administration of China approved the establishment of a sensor network standards working group under the China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee.

  The working group brings together institutions involved in research and application of sensor networks, including the standardization administration and China Mobile to expand standardization in the field and to participate in international standardization efforts.

  Nie Peng contributed to the story


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