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Project Proposals for Investment: Yunnan and Vietnam-Laos-Burma Economic Cooperation Zones

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    Yunnan Province had officially proposed to the State Council for approval of establishing China-Vietnam, China-Burma and China-Laos cross-border economic cooperation zones.At the promotion conference on 20 June 2010, the project proposals for investment of three cross-border economic cooperation zones had been motioned. Dehong Commerce Bureau launched 20 investment projects for Ruili-Mujie cooperation area. The core projects are China-Burma cross-border cooperation center and China-Burma cross-border industrial park. Honghe prefecture and Laojie province launched 30 investment projects for the Honghe-laojie cooperation area. Laojie province especially emphasized that they preferentially welcome investment in agriculture, forestry, mining industries. Mohan-Moding cooperation area introduced Mohan Economic Development Zone and another 6 projects . In addition to the traditional investment projects, there is another innovative project____ Mohan Motorcycle Assembly Plant. It has an annual production of 20,000 motors, which mainly exported to Southeast Asia.

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