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Yunnan Mohan Port International Logistic Park

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Project: Yunnan Mohan Port International Logistic Park

Domain: Transportation, Warehousing and  post industry

Company: Yunnan Logistic Industry Group

Project Location: Mohan Port of Xishuangbanna Dai-Jingpo Minority Autonomous Prefecture,Yunnan province

Total Investment: 100 000 million yuan

Project status: Newly constructed

Construction Content: This project aims to serve the import and export trade which relies on the Kunming-Bangkok channel. It is  an integrated logistics park that radiates the whole Southeast Asia and offers such services as goods transaction, transportation, cargo transit, warehousing and distribution, logistics processing and transportation, logistic financial services, e-commerce, bonded logistics, and customs export supervision.  Planing to cover a total area of 500 acres, this logistic park is expected to have a cargo throughput capacity of  3 million tons.

progress: the preliminary investigation of this project is carried out, and the preparation study and report on project feasibility will be finished soon. 

Cooperation Approach:  Joint venture

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