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Yunnan Bulk Consumption Goods and Agricultural Products Logistics Center

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Project: Yunnan Xinchu Logistic center_____ Yunnan bulk consumption goods and agricultural products Logistics Center (The First Period)

Domain: Transportation, Warehousing and post industry 

Company: Yunnan Logistic Industry Group

Project Location: Heituao, Liangting, east of Kunming city, Yunnan province

Total Investment: 96000 million yuan

Project status: Newly constructed

Construction Contents: Using the land available, this project aims to build a logistic and trading platform for transactions, transportation, storage, handling, packaging, distribution & processing, distribution, finance, information and contracted  logistics.

Construction scale: a warehouse of 50,000 square meters;  two exclusive railway lines; an annual handling capacity of 2 million tons;  an annual distribution capacity of 500,000 tons.Land area: A planned land area of 100 acres

Progress: The project was officially started in September 12, 2009. At present, the technical description of  the equipment  has been completed. The company is preparing the equipment bidding.  The contracts on geological exploration and project supervision have been signed and the related construction companies have stationed in the construction site. A demolition and relocation area of 2,000 square meters has been completed in the first phase, and another 10, 000 square meters has been completed in the second phase. While the other construction land in need is being commissioned for land assessment and approval.

Cooperation Approach:  Joint venture

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