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National Port Logistics Centre of Dehong Prefecture

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Industrial Category: Logistics

Project Name: National Port Logistics Centre of Dehong Prefecture

Type and Location of Construction: New project, Wanding Economic Development Zone, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Project Introduction:

The project aims to establish a national-level port logistics centre covering 517 acres with a rather high estimated rate of return on investment (ROI). Over the years, the project has been a long-cherished wish of the Management Committee of Wanding Economic Development Zone and with the geographical advantages of the first-class national-level port the project is expected to be successful.

Project Location and Related Information:

The project is located within the National-Level Border Economic Development Zone of WanDing where a highly convenient transportation system and abundant supply of water, electricity, gas and other energy resources are available. 780 km from the provincial capital of Yunnan —— Kunming and 1100 km from the Myanmar capital —— Yangon, the region has a subtropical climate characterized by distinct rainy and dry seasons and an annual average temperature of 19.7 ℃.  A convenient communication network that connects the area with more than 100 countries and regions across the world is already in place.  

Project Feasibility:

This project complies with the national and provincial industrial policy and regulations. A predictive analysis conducted by certain industrial authoritative department also indicates a prosperous prospect for a large-scale logistic center within the region.

Useable Infrastructure:

National Highway 320, Civil Airport of Mangshi City, Global Internet access, and abundant water and power supply.

local Information:

 Labour Price: 6144 RMB Yuan per capita each year;

Tax: All investors pay lower taxes according to preferential policies

Water price: 1.53 RMB Yuan / quarter

Electricity price: 0.85 RMB Yuan / KWH

Investment Size:

The project has a total investment 66,776,500 RMB Yuan, with 64.7765 million RMB yuan in fixed assets and 2 million in liquid assets.

Preliminary work: Project Feasibility Report completed; available electricity, water supply and road transportation, and ground leveled.

Market Forecast: The project is estimated to reach an annual transport volume between 100,000 tons -150,000 tons and a logistic volume between 80,000 tons -12, 000 tons, among which imports account for 60% and 40% exports.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: 

Construction period: 2 years; regular income for logistics services 27 million RMB Yuan; Internal Rate of Return: 20.61%; Investment Recovery period : 6.3 years; Return on Investment: 14.75%

Cooperation Approach:

Foreign investment/domestic and foreign investment Investment: sole proprietorship.
Environmental influence:

The project is designed in light of national laws and regulations on environment protection. To meet the requirements of local urban planning the center is planned to be located far from residential areas and do no harm to the nearby environment. The project has already passed the investigation conducted by related Environment Protection departments and proves to be harmless to environment.

Preferential Policies:

Investors shall enjoy all preferential policies with regard to investments at provincial, municipal and prefecturual levels.

Contact Information:

Wan Ding Development and Planning Bureau, Yunan, China
Hu Yuchang

Tel: 13988209799


Address: Economic Development Zone of WanDing, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

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