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Project Proposals for Investment: Economic Headquarter of Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunming

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Project: Economic Headquarter

Project status: Newly constructed

Company: Yunnan State Capital Kunming Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Project Location: Kunming Export Processing Zone

Company Profile:

Covering about 432 acres, this project is located in Kunming Export Processing Zones. This project is proposed to establish a central economic zone which includes R & D training center, administrative center, investment decision center and human resource export center. This project also intended to provide investors with a cost-effective office area with convenient transportation, good ecological environment, less population and highly intelligent equipments.

Construction period: 3 years.

 Key Economic Parameters:
Total investment: about 1.296 billion Yuan, total sales: 1.728 billion Yuan, profit after tax: 259 million Yuan.

Preparatory work and progress: land, water, electricity, and road are conveniently available for construction.

Cooperation Approach: Cooperation

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