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Project Proposal for Investment: Yunnan Tengju—ASEAN Logistics Park

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Project: Yunnan TengjuASEAN Logistics Park

Domain: Logistics

Company: Foreign Investment Recruiting Department, Yunnan Tengjun International Logistic Co., Ltd.

Location: Kunming, Yunnan Province

Total Investment: 1.234 billion

Project Profile:Covering an area of 3669 acres, Yunnan TengjuASEAN Logistics Park neighbours Zhongyi train station which located in Jinning county of Kunming. With a total investment of 1,234 million yuan in the first phase of construction, this Logistics Park now is equipped with a rail freight platform, an A-level freight station, a base of business supply-chain, a warehouse of 500 000 square meters and a storage yard.In 2010, such infrastructure as warehouse of100,000 square meters, storage yard, office facilities and special railway lines have been completed. It was also in 2010, this logistic center introduced some institutions like customs agency, inspection and quarantine agency, tax agency , transportation management agency for creating a good service environment and forming an  integrated logistics center of large scale during a short time period. It aims to create a modern, informative, industrialist and ecological international logistics park. It also aims to be the largest integrated market  in Yunnan province that has such functions as bulk warehousing, distribution, transit, distribution & processing, trading and  e-commerce business.

Cooperation Approach: Joint venture

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