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Project Proposal for Investment: ASEAN Plaza, Shanghai

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Project Name: ASEAN Plaza, Shanghai 

Company:Yunnan Yunmeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.  

The Mission: to create a modern commercial economy headquarter in Yunnan and facing Southeast Asia and South Asia

Location: Wujiaying Area, Chenggong, Kunming Central Business District
Lies to the west of middle Caiyun Road, east to the north Kangyi Road, north to Guihua road and south to the Chunrong Street. 500 meters away from the new administrative center of Kunming; 800 meters away from the landscape constructions of Chenggong New city zone; about 5 Km away from the Railway Container Center of Kunming; about 5 Km away from the starting point of Pan-Asian Railway; about 6 km away from Dianchi Lake; about 20 kilometers away from Kunming old city; and about 25 kilometers from Kunming new airport.

Project Profile: It has a total building area of 186,560 , of which basement area is 66,460 ; Commercial podium building area is 30,800 ; Office building area is 36900 ; And the small-sized office building area is 52400 . It is an international 5A level office building of large scale and large bay. With 4.2 m for each storey, and glass walls, it is the first and the only one in Yunnan province. Such multi-functional facilities are all inclusive: a five-star multi-media conference center, commercial shopping centers, restaurants with Chinese characteristics, business and leisure clubs.

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