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Production of Compound Nickel Hydroxide

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Type of Project: High New Science Technology

Name of Project: Production of Compound Nickel Hydroxide

Production Capacity: 2000 tons compound nickel hydroxides per year

Total Investment: 5.2 Million USD

Mode of Cooperation: Equity joint venture, Compensation trade

Proportion of Foreign Capital: 2.7 Million USD

Project Content: Our company now can produce 400 tons high-active ball-shape nickel hydroxides per year and we want to build a new production line with annual output 2000tons on the base. Plan to introduce capital, technology, equipment and other ways. The product of which quality index has reached high place in China is applied for positive electrode materials of hydrogen-nickel battery and is possible to replace the import products. Hydrogen-nickel battery is widely used in electric-motor tools, electric-motor bicycle and electric motor. It will replace the nickel-cadmium battery and lead-acid battery and take the top place of second-used battery for its non-pollution, high energy and density, non-remember, long cycling period, high effect and low price. To the 2005, the requirement of nickel hydroxides used in positive electrode of hydrogen-nickel battery will be 5000 tons per year according to estimation.

Economic Returns after finishing the project: Annual sales income: 140 Million RMB; Annual profit: 19.7 Million RMB; Annual tax: 9 Million RMB

Liaison: Li Junxiu

Organization: Zhuzhou Yuanheng New-type Store-energy Materials Company Ltd.

Address: Taishan Road, High-tech Industry Development Zone, Zhuzhou

Post Code: 412005

Tel: 86-0733-8319919

Fax: 86-0733-8317110

E-mail: zzyhgs@mail.zz.hn.cn

Web-site: www.china-yuanheng.com

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