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Mechanical & Engineering Industry

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Type of Project: Mechanical & Engineering Industry
Name of Project: Gearbox of Automobile
Production Capacity: 100000 gearboxes of economic duty cars, 30000 gearboxes of heavy-duty trucks per year
Total Investment: 50
55 million USD
Mode of Cooperation: Equity joint venture, Contractual joint venture
Proportion of Foreign Capital: 10
15 million USD
Project Content: Plan need foreign capital of 10
15 million USD, Develop production of gearboxes of economic duty cars & heavy-duty trucks. The investigation, study, feasibility analysis and program design have been completed. The factory building and portion of equipment are now available. There is a bright prospect of gearbox market. To 2005, the requirement of heavy-duty trucks in China will up to about 190000 with average increasing rate 19% per year, and the requirement of economic duty cars below 1.6 liter engine displacement will up to more than 400000 with average increasing rate 18% per year. The internal profit rate is 16% and the periods of investment repayment are 3 years and a half.
Liaison: Yang Ming
Organization: Zhuzhou Gear Company Ltd.
Address: Xinhua Road (west) No.119, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China
Post Code: 412008
Tel: 86-0733-8496815
Fax: 86-0733-8411274
E-mail: zagp@mail.zz.hn.cn, zagp@public.zz.hn.cn 
Web-site: www.chinesegear.com

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