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Investment project of Purse Seine Logistics Park (Bonded Logistics Park), Kunming Export Processing Zone

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roject: Purse Seine Logistic Park, Kunming Export Processing Zone

Project status:: New project

Company: Yunnan State Capital Kunming Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

 Project Location: Kunming Export Processing Zone  

Company Profile:

Yunnan State Capital Kunming Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is one of the most competitive logistics-park operators in Yunnan province, of which Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group Co. is the major shareholder controlling company and Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Road & Bridge Real Estate Development Co., Ltd are two other equity participants. It has a registered capital of RMB 100 million RMB Yuan. The company plans to invest 6 billion RMB Yuan in the comprehensive and overall development of Kunming Export Processing Zone. Up to now, the corporation has invested 1.2 billion RMB for the infrastructure within the zone. The company adheres to the "high-value, multi-function and comprehensiveness" as its business goals and engages in providing customers with comprehensive, efficient, and high-quality one-stop service.


An Brief Introduction:

The project is located in export processing zone, Kunming. This project aims to build a modern logistics park which covers about 175 acres, with its focus on the development of multimodal transport, logistics of the third part, logistics consulting, international freight forwarding and other services. By these new measures and projects, the traditional logistics pattern would be changed into an information-intensive, automatic and intelligent one.


In the park a convenient transportation system that consists of roads, railways and light rails leading to all directions is about to be ready. With the completion of the project, all-round logistics services can be provided by enterprises within the area with operating costs highly reduced and profits substantially increased. Meanwhile, this project will also benefit the development of the neighbouring wholesale markets such Luoshiwang, Xinguangfeng and Xinnanjiang and consequently meet the needs of multi-level services and further promote value-added industries.

Project construction period: 2 years

Preparatory Work and Progress:

Electricity, water supply and paved roads are available, and leveled ground is already accessible.

Market Analysis:

Relying on the convenient transportation (air line, railway, road) and regional strengths in industrial processing within the park, this project aims to create a modern logistics park that integrates international shipping, commodity display, service station, distribution & processing, bonded warehousing and information support and therefore provides various businesses with a full range of logistics services, considerably reduces operating costs and strengthens the regional-radiation function of the whole export processing area.

Cooperation Approach:  Cooperation

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