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Investment project of Purse Seine Logistics Park (Bonded Logistics Park), Kunming Export Processing Zone

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Project Name: Investment Project of Purse Seine Logistics Park (Bonded Logistics Park) , Kunming Export Processing Zone

Project status: Newly constructed

 Company:  State-owned Industrial Development Co., Ltd. of Kunming Economic Development Zone, China

Project Location: Kunming Export Processing Zone  

Company Profile: Yunnan State Capital Kunming Economic Development Zone Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is among the leading park operators in Yunnan province. It is controlled by Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group Co., and has a share with Kunming Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Co., Ltd., Yunnan Road & Bridge Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. It has a registered capital of 100 million Yuan. The company planned to invest 6 billion Yuan for a comprehensive and overall development of Kunming export processing zone. The total investment for the infrastructure is 1.2 billion up to now. The company adheres to the "high additional value, multi-function and comprehensiveness" as its development goal; and it engages in providing customers with complete, efficient, and high-quality one-stop service.



An Brief Introduction:

 The whole project covers 506 acres. This project intended to construct a multi-functional logistic park that combines such functions as product processing, international distribution, international procurement, international transit and international entrepot trade. For the success of this project, This logistic park would fully take the advantageous policy regarding export processing and bonded logistics. Besides, this logistic park would make full use of the convenient, efficient and diversified transportation advantages for the higher speed, lower cost and more efficient logistic industry.

Construction period: 2 years.

Key Economic Parameters:

Total investment:1.518 billion Yuan, Anticipated annual sales: 6.72 billion Yuan, Annual profit: 336 million Yuan.

Preparatory Work and Progress:

Land, water, electricity, and road are conveniently available for construction.

Market analysis: The total sum of foreign trade in Yunnan Province ammount to 9.6 billion in 2008, which shows a tendency of steady growth . The completion of this project would consequently followed by an integrated logistic system. The advantage of this project would  attract more domestic and international logistics groups, third party logistics and international procurement center to engage in such business as product processing, bonded warehousing and export supervision warehousing operations.


Cooperation Approach:  Cooperation


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