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FPC, FFC, Connectors and Surface Treatment Project

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Project Name: An annual output of 500,000 square meters of FPC, 500 million of various connectors, 40 million of FFC.

Overall Area: 36,669 square meters

Overall Construction Area: 90,524 square meters

Company Characters: Owning the certificate of a full set of water supply systems, wastewater treatment and recycling system, exhausted gas treatment system, noise reduction system, and various environmental permit for the electroplating(including cyanide plating process), the purchase and use of various environmental permit of various cyanides, etc.

Mode of Cooperation: Rental, shares of cooperation to participate in the operation, etc.

Total Investment: 300,000,000RMB


Marketing and Economic AnalysisThe project has a great market potential with a high profit margin of 28%, and the investment recovery period is 3.5 to 4.5 years.


Organization Name: Suzhou Zhengxin Electronic Co., Ltd.


Organization Name:   Suzhou Zhengxin Electronic Co., Ltd.

Organization Address: Feng Beidang Road, Beiqiao Street, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China(江苏苏州)

Contact Person : Ye Lianbing

Tel: 86-0512-63373382, 13913742629

Fax:       86-0512-63373382

E-mail:   evan.ye@dmedz.cn

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