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Dongjiaduan High-tech Industry Garden

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Type of Project: High New Science Technology
Name of Project: Dongjiaduan High-tech Industry Garden
Total Investment: 50 Million USD
Mode of Cooperation: Contractual joint venture
Proportion of Foreign Capital: 40 Million USD
Project Content: Dongjiaduan high-tech industry garden is a national class high-tech industry garden. Locates in the end of 1815 provincial road, with an area of 1.5 km, the garden has an advantage of technology, research and talent person of large company such as south automatic machine company, 6-0-8 research institute, 5-3 machine work and Xiangda Group. By absorbing funds, talent, technology, research result, the value of output of the large high-tech industry garden will be over 5000 million RMB. We will develop on the base and use our talent, technology, capital, land, experiment base and other advantages to realize high-tech industry effect. We believe it will provide a good investment environment with convenient transportation and preferential policy.
Liaison: Li Hao
Organization: Dongjiaduan High-tech Industry Garden
Address: End of Provincial Highway No.1815, Zhuzhou, Hunan
Post Code: 412000
Tel: 86-0733-2281871
Fax: 86-0733-2280354

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