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Kunming airport opens 14 new domestic flights

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  With the beginning of 2011 summer flight schedules, flights of 14 new routes will take off from Kunming Airport.

  China Eastern Airlines (CEA)' Yunnan branch opens four new round-trip domestic flights, Beijing – Kunming – Pu'er, Kunming – Linyi – Dalian, Kunming – Baise – Guilin and Kunming – Yingchuan. Based in Shanghai, CEA was established in June 1988. It is one of the biggest airlines of China.

  Yunnan Lucky Air launches five new round-trip routes, Kunming – Xiamen, Kunming – Haikou, Kunming – Hangzhou, Kunming – Wuhan – Jinan, Kunming – Jinan – Dalian.

  Four new routes will be operated by Kunming Airlines after 1 June this year, Kunming – Lijiang – Kunming, Kunming – Chengdu, Kunming- Chongqing – Yiwu – Kunming, and Chengdu – Lijiang – Kunming.

  Sichuan Airlines’ Yunnan Branch opens a new round-trip route from Kunming to Jinan.

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