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Kunming’s urban competitiveness up 12 to 56 in China

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  Kunming’s urban competitiveness rose 12 places to 56 in China in 2010 compared to the 68th place in 2009, according to the Annual Report on China's Urban Competitiveness Released by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS).

  Sixty-nine cities in China have entered the world’s top 500 cities, and 6 of them are on the list of the global top 100.

  "Kunming is a fascinating city, and I’m planning to spend my vacation there." said Dr. Zhao, who works for the Research Centre of City and Competitiveness of CASS and has joined in the report compiling. Ranks are based on the data analysis of the China's National Bureau of Statistics and a year-by-year comparison. The rank of Kunming's comprehensive competitiveness is increasing in the nation wide. Indexes that influence results are various, such as the growing of GDP in a certain year or the data of investment invitations.

  There is a comparison between 8 cities of Yunnan in the report, while Kunming’s competitiveness ranks the first in the 8 cities in the following aspects: competitiveness of economic scale, industrial level, income level and well-being index.

  There is still a certain gap between Kunming and cities like Chongqing, Chengdu etc. If the urban competitiveness is on the agenda to be enhanced further, more attention should be paid on the competitiveness of industries and investments. Export-oriented economy needs to be promoted as well as the balanced development between regions, especially the narrowing of the income gap in industries, rural-urban disparity and livelihood issues.

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