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Yunnan Overview

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  Area:394.000 square kilomefers(the eighth largest province in China)

  Capital City:Kunming

  Location:Situated in China's Southwestern frontier.Yunnan borders Guizhou.Province and Guanclxi Zhuanq Autonomous Recll on on fhe Southeast.SiChuan Province On fhe northeast and tef Aufonomous.Region on the northwest.To its west and south Yunnan shares a common border with Myanmar, Laos and Viet Nam that is 4,060 kilometers long.

  Administrative Division:Under the jurisdiction of the Province.there are 8 municipalities.namely Kunming.Zhaotong.

  Qujing.Yuxi.Simao.Baoshan.Lijiang.and Lincang There are 8 national autonomous prefectures in the province.including

  Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Wenshan Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture,

  Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous

  Prefecture, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, and Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The municipalities and national

  autonomous prefectures, at a lower administrative level, are subdivided into 9 municipalities, 80 counties, 29 national

  autonomous counties, and 11 city districts.

  Gross Domestic Product (GDP):4001.9 billion RMB yuan(2006).

  Climate 气候

  Because of its highly complex terrain, the climate of Yunnan shows great diversity.Major characteristics include small

  temperature variations year round but with considerable variation between day and night; distinct dry and rainy seasons and

  diversified climatic types varving with change in elevation. In the province, climate zones ranging from the frigid, the

  temperate, the subtropical to the tropical arc distributed from the northwest to the southeast. A typical altitude-dependant

  climate is also found in the high mountains and deep gorges. The diversity of Yunnan's climate can be best described with

  a local saying that "You can experience all four seasons in the same mountain and each season is just a few miles away

  from each other."

  Ethnic minority


  Ethnic minority population totaled 14.7614 million.There live in Yunnan 25 ethnic minority groups, of which 15 are

  indigenous.The population of the Yi, Bai, Hani, Dai and Zhuang groups has each surpassed one million. The minority groups

  of the Miao, Lisu, Hui, Lahu, Wa, Naxi, Yao, Jingpo and Tibetan each exceeds 100,000. The Bulang, Buyi, Pumi, A'chang,

  Nu, Jino, De'ang and Mongolian each have a population of more than 10,000. The Shui, Manchu and Dulong has more

  than 4,000 people each.


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