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  Yunnan Province has given a high priority of the development of education. At the present stage, Yunnan has 51 institutions of higher learning and more than 40,000 primary and secondary schools with a total enrollment of 7.8668 million. Enrollment rate for school-age children reached 99.8%. Over 6.38 million students were exempted from tuition fee and received free textbooks. There were some 6,000 foreign students studying in institutions of higher learning in Yunnan. Overseas students were from more than 50 countries respectively, among which 66% were from ASEAN countries namely Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. In order to actively promote the Chinese language education, three institutions of higher learning in Yunnan established Confucius Institutes in collaboration with respective counterpart institutions in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

  Yunnan has also established more than 170 scientific research institutions staffed with high-caliber professionals. One state-level hi-tech development zone and three hi-tech development zones at provincial level have been established. 211 scientific and technological achievements have been acknowledged at province/ministry or above level in 2008. 19,930 patents have been awarded. The year also witnessed the signing of 891 technological contracts, with a contract value of 516 million RMB yuan.

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