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Social Development

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  Along with the rapid economic growth, the living standards and life quality of the people in Yunnan have been greatly improved. In 2008, annual per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 13,250 RMB yuan and per capita net income of farmers amounted to 3,103 RMB yuan per annum. Banking saving deposits reached 841.894 billion RMB yuan. By the end of 2008, the rural population living in absolute poverty totaled 5.55 million, with a deduction of 420,000 over the previous year. 2.9372 million people enjoyed pension and 1.956 million people were covered by employment insurance. 32.22 million people participated in the new rural cooperative Medicare. 870,000 people were favored by the urban subsistence allowances system and 3.07 million people benefited from the rural subsistence allowances system.

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