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  Yunnan's climate is of the subtropical plateau monsoon type. Because of its unique geographical location, highly complex topography, and big variations in elevation, Yunnan has a diversified climate. The major characteristics include: small temperature variation year round but considerable variation between day and night; distinct dry and rainy seasons and an obvious altitudinal variation in climate. Generally speaking, the temperature drops by 0.5oC with every 100 meters of rise in elevation. The diversity of Yunnan's climatic types can be best described with a local saying that "You can experience all four seasons in the same mountain and each season is just a few miles away from each other."


  Rainfall in the province is abundant but is distributed unevenly. In a majority of areas, annual rainfall is above 1000 mm and 85% of the rainfall concentrates in the months from May to October. Dry season falls between November and April during which the rainfall accounts for only 15% of the total. Throughout the province, the frost-free period is long. The southern border area of the province is free from frost all year round while the frost-free period a bit further north ranges from 300 to 330 days. In the central part, the frost-free period is about 250 days and even in the comparatively colder northwestern and northeastern part, 210 to 220 days are free from frost.


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