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Private Jewelry Investors gather in Jewelry Town

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As of Feb 10, 2011, the majority of jewelry retail outlets located in Mangshi have moved to the Mangshi international jewelry town, in accordance with a plan to allocate different zones for different products, which will see all jewelry stalls and shops relocating to the Jewelry town or the Huanfeng Jewelry Transaction Center.


According to sources, through regulating the management practices amongst the city’s jewelers, the plan aims to improve the overall management quality and scale of the local jewelry industry.

The plan will also make it more convenient for foreign or domestic customers to purchase jewelry, which will help promote rapid economic growth in Mangshi.

Up to now, 308 retailers have moved into the town. “The market is indeed more regulated now, and the fact that all the stores are concentrated together in this way means we are receiving more custom” a retailer was quoted as saying.

Wang Dingkong, general-director of the Jewelry Culture Industry Office, told the reporter: “To allocate zones for different types of jewelry will fully reflect the advantages of centralized jewelry management and invigorate the jewelry market here in Mangshi.”

Previously, there was no special jewelry street and the majority of jewelry transactions were conducted in the downtown area. Confronted with this problem, Mangshi transformed the San Keshu Folklore Street to a jewelry street, with the shops subsequently locating there being simple in design and decorated in the style of local ethnic minorities.

To effectively carry out the plan, various organizations within the Mangshi administration have taken action. The publicity department have publicized the move; the Tourism Agency of Mangshi has recognised the jewelry market as a tourism destinaion; the city’s Commerce and Industry Bureau has set up service points to offer quick and effective assistance to the jewelry retailers; and the Quality Supervision Bureau has examined the quality of the jewelry to help customers feel at ease.

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