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Kai Bangya Lake Tourism Project Agreement signed

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Dehong Governor Meng Biguang, on behalf of the prefecture, signed the Kai Bangya Lake Tourism Project Agreement with the Kai Bangya Tourism Investment Company, located in Yingjiang County, on Feb 23, 2011.


Meng addressed the signing ceremony, saying that the signing of the agreement is a joyous event not only for the development of Dehong tourism industry, but also for the socioeconomic development of our prefecture.

Meng requested that both parties of the agreement strictly honor their duties stipulated in the agreement, and that organs at all levels actively coordinate with each other.

He also expressed his hope that the Kai Bangya Tourism Investment Company will invest more in developing Dehong’s tourism resources.

“The development of the project is bound to inject vigor into the socioeconomic development of Yingjiang County and into the development of Yingjiang’s tourism and catering industry,” Weigang, magistrate of Yingjiang County, was quoted as saying.

The project, with a total investment of over 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 41.683mu (=0.0667 hectares). Scheduled to be completed in 10 years, it involves the construction of four-or-more-star hotels, a 18-hole golf course, a Munao Song Party square, a dock for yachts, and the construction of an amphibious airplane base used for forest fire prevention.

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