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China-South and Southeastern Asia Art Week to kick off on June 11

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[InKunming--Kunming] 2015 China-South Asian and Southeastern Asian Art Week is to be held in Kunming from June 11 to 15 during the 3rd China-South Asian Expo, news released by China-South Asia Organizing Committee lately.

During the week activity, writers from China, South Asian countries and Southeastern Asian countries will attend a writing forum, and do a field survey in the province.

Yunnan Ethnic cultural show will be organized during the expo, too. Yunnan classic cultural arts such as black copper running through with silver, variegated copper ware, tile cat, Yi people’s embroidery, Naxi people's Dongba painting, wood pyrograph, and Jiama paper are to be exhibited on the show.

Other highlights of the activity includes Sino-Indian Dance Art Exchange Meeting and Sino-Indian Movie Seminar. The two events will be carried out in succession during the expo. On the scheduled time, college students and artists from China and India will exchange their opinions on the two countries' dances and movies together, to promote friendly communications between the two countries.

The activity of 2015 China-South Asian and Southeastern Asian Art Week is the only event of China-South Asian Expo that focuses on culture and art communication among all attended countries. The activity embodies a theme of the expo, which is on cooperation and win-win idea.

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