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China approves pilot nuclear power project

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BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government on Wednesday approved the construction of pilot nuclear power units using the Hualong One technology, a domestically-developed third generation reactor design.

Hualong One draws on more than 20 years of experience of Chinese nuclear power operators and follows the world's leading design philosophy, according to a statement released after a State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

The approval is in line with global energy trends and will help optimize the country's energy structure and build a diversified clean energy system, the statement said.

The Hualong One reactor technology was jointly designed by two nuclear power giants, China General Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation. It passed inspection by a national expert panel in August 2014.

In November 2014, the National Energy Administration approved of the use of Hualong One technology to build two reactors in southeast China's Fujian Province.

Using the homegrown technology will help raise the competitiveness of China's equipment manufacturing industry, promote effective investment and contribute to industrial upgrades and steady economic growth, the statement said.

"While implementing the pilot project, China should adopt the world's highest safety standards and improve contingency plans and emergency response measures to ensure safe construction and operation," it said.

The project will help nurture key equipment and core technologies, paving the way for China's nuclear power equipment to enter the global market, according to the statement.

The meeting also set requirements for economic restructuring in multiple fields, including streamlining administration and delegating powers to lower levels as well as the fiscal and financial sectors and agriculture.

The country should continue to eliminate administrative approvals, prioritize measures that can stimulate the market and give full play to the role of the market through reforms, the statement said.

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