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China official predicts export boost from Europe QE

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BEIJING, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- Quantitative easing (QE) measures in Europe will help lift the eurozone economy, shore up demand, and potentially boost China's exports, as Europe is one of China's most important trading partners, a Chinese official said on Friday.

"The impact on China from the European Central Bank's bond purchasing program in this regard is positive," said Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, China's central bank.

"The People's Bank of China understands the ECB continuing with monetary measures that fit the actual needs of economic development in the eurozone," he said at a policy briefing meeting held by the State Council Information Office in Beijing.

Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan also said on Thursday during the World Economic Forum's annual meetings that monetary measures were not versatile, however, they could win time and space for structural reform measures.

However, Pan said the QE program would likely see a stronger U.S. dollar, which might further impose pressure on the Chinese currency.

He warned the new measures could as well result in a capital flow to the United States, posing new uncertainties to global cross-border capital flows.

He added that central banks around the world should enhance negotiations and coordination on implementation of monetary policies and their potential effects through platforms such as G20 and Bank for International Settlements, in order to maintain financial stability.

The ECB decided on Thursday to start purchasing public and private securities by a monthly amount of 60 billion euros (about 69.48 billion U.S. dollars) in a bid to address prolonged low inflation from March 2015 until the end of September 2016.

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