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China urges further opening, innovation of economic zones

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BEIJING, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- The State Council on Friday urged for the further development of the nation's state-level technological and economic zones, through openness, innovation and modernization.

Guidelines, provided to Xinhua by the cabinet on Friday, said that zones should redefine their development strategies to cope with the changing global environment.

The aim is that modernization and innovation will result in these zones becoming important platforms that lead regional economic development, and the paragons of innovation-driven and environment-friendly growth.

In addition, the guidelines urged the zones to initiate open economic regimes and opportunities for foreign investment.

Local authorities will need to play a part too, the cabinet said, through the drafting of specific plans and policies to support the restructuring and improvement of zones.

Such zones were established in the 1980s and were part of efforts to expand opening up. By June this year, there were over 200 across the country.

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