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Chairperson Niu Shaoyao conducted a survey to ECTPA in Pu’er

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June. 25 to 26, 2014, Niu Shaoyao, Chairperson of ECTPA and Guo Xiaoyong, Vice Chairperson of ECTPA conducted a survey to ECTPA in Pu’er. Gong Xinqiang, Chairperson of ECTPA in Pu’er , Executive Chairperson Li Gengting, Secretary General Bai Yun attended the survey. The survey group listened work report on ECTPA since its establishment and detailed introduction of cooperative project of ECTPA in Pu’er, including Pu’er Honghui Investment and Consulting Co.,Ltd., Pu’er Heng Hong E-commerce Co.,Ltd., Pu’er Golden Peacock Minzhixin Agricultural Cooperative and Pu’er Ruifeng Featured Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd. and preparation progress and work advance of Pu’er Green Development Bank Corporation.

Chairperson Niu Shaoyao highly affirmed the work and achievement of ECTPA in Pu’er since its establishment. He also expressed hope that ECTPA in Pu’er would seize the strategic opportunities of gateway construction in Yunnan, highlighting the geographical advantages and resources of Pu’er, playing its irreplaceable role as the bridge and bond on the international economic stage.










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