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Chairperson Niu Shaoyao, Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming held meeting with Chairman of Myanmar Federation of Investment

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In the afternoon of June 11, 2014, Chairperon Niu Shaoyao, Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming held talks with Khin Maung Aye, the Chairman of Myanmar Federation of Investment, Chairman of the Myanmar Central Cooperative and Director of Myanmar Center for Poverty Alleviation and a delegation from Myanmar led by him.  

Chairperson Niu Shaoyao chaired the meeting and warmly welcomed Khin Maung Aye’s visit. He expressed hope for future cooperation between the two Associations. Wang Yiming, Executive Chairman of ECTPA, briefly introduced ECTPA. She said: ECTPA is a large non-governmental organization with the mission of “working for the government, for enterprises and for the community.” Now it has nearly 600 member-ship enterprises. Since its establishment, the Federation has been committed to building economic, trade, exchanges and cooperation platform for China and Southeast and South Asian countries. We are very willing to work with Myanmar to build more partnerships, supporting enterprises in Yunnan and Myanmar to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation, encouraging enterprises in Yunnan to invest in Myanmar.

Li Jun, Vice Chairperson and Secretary General of ECTPA reported the work progress of the representatives of Myanmar Federation of Investment from June 5 to 10th, 2014.

After briefing by Li Jun, Khin Maung Aye delivered a passionate speech. He explained he importance of China-Myanmar relationship from the national strategic level, fondly recalled the long friendship between the two countries, expressed desires to promote China-Myanmar cooperation, common prosperity and mutual cooperation. He proposed the two association to focus on areas of cooperation and analyzed the troubles for Chinese company to invest in Myanmar. He expressed welcome to Chinese enterprises to invest in Myanmar, which should be actively promoted by the two associations. He invited Chairperson Niu Shaoyao and Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming to visit Myanmar. Both sides had a frank exchange of views and reached common views on comprehensive cooperation between the two associations.

After the meeting, ECTPA and Myanmar Federation of Investment held agreement signing ceremony. Executive Chairperson Wang Yiming  and Chairman Khin Maung Aye signed the agreement on behalf of each association respectively.

Vice Chairperson Xu Zhonglin, Wang Guoliang, Chen Hangao, Guo Xiaoyong attended the meeting.

After the visit in Kunming, in the morning of June 13, Chairman Khin Maung Aye and his party left for home.

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